An Industrial Extended Reality Software with Robust Capabilities in One Flexible Package

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A fully customizable Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality content creation tool accelerated the development of AR/MR content by tenfold, enabling non-programmers to develop heavy-duty, industrial applications with no programming experience. No other AR Development tool has all the following capabilities all in one package today. Now you can have the recipe with the following:

Reusability - You don't need to go through a whole build of the application for the device. This saves tremendous time and ensures consistency throughout the application.

Vision Science Agnostic - We support VisionLib, and with this campaign we will add support for ARKit, ARCore and others that the community needs. Take full advantage of the flexibility of SimplifyXR

Fully Customizable - Our fully extensible architecture is unique in that we allow the developer to add custom developed components and integrate via a Unity API (automatic programmer interface).

CAD/Animation Tool Agnostic - Integrate with any CAD/Animation tool supported by Unity (the ubiquitous AR development platform), giving you flexibility to use the tools you already have and know.

Platform Agnostic - Unlike other large companies, SimplifyXR doesn't lock you into using its other products. We take an agnostic approach to critical aspects of your project, giving you ultimate flexibility.

Hardware Agnostic - Our solution supports Microsoft Hololens, iOS devices, Android, etc.

Feature Rich - Out of the box, SimplifyXR has a powerful workflow-based engine with over 207 pre-built directives or actions that require no coding whatsoever - basically, everything most companies need to develop a very wide range of AR applications. You can create a combination of visualization, AR, and step by step solutions in one application. It’s not just one of those choices. These features will increase with the inputs of you, our community.

Simplified Creation - Allows your best subject matter experts to quickly create industrial AR experiences for others while working on the job, ensuring best practices become standardized across all users.

Analytics and Performance Metrics - Record and visualize end-user performance metrics and analytics related to the effectiveness of the AR experience and how the experience is being used.

Remote Assistant - Allows remotely located team members to collaborate, view, and annotate on the user's screen, thereby significantly reducing time and money.